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Our Coffee

Odd Box Coffee Roasters

Sugar and Cream Cafe coffee beans are a custom blend from Odd Box Coffee Roasters, a full spectrum specialty coffee roaster based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Providing a range of roasts from very light to very dark and everything in between, Odd Box aims to provide high quality specialty coffee that’s traceable back to the cooperative/farmer. 

Pig and Fig and Sugar and Cream’s unique Odd Box blend is a combination of coffees from the Lima Cooperative in Peru and Fazenda Do Cruzeiro in Brazil. The cup is well balanced with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts. Smooth and engaging, yet strong enough to hold up against cream and sugar. It’s a delightful coffee and exclusively available at Pig and Fig and Sugar and Cream.

Our Gelato

Villa Dolce: Gelato Italiano

Sugar and Cream Cafe gelato comes from Villa Dolce, an Italian family owned company that produces artisan gelato and sorbetto for clients across the country. Villa Dolce gelato is made true to traditional Italian-style, delivering authentic Italian flavor with every bite.

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